Cruise of Shantar Islands

Dear friends! Are you tired of civilization? Would you like to penetrate the world of the primary nature? Then come along with us! We will show you the view of the world at another angle!

“The Shantarskie Islands” tour programme.

There are different ways to get to the Shantarskie Islands. You can get to Briakan by car, then by helicopter to the islands and then get around by RIBs. A helicopter and RIBs cannot take in many people, that’s why the during the further trip you will travel in overloaded boats, on top of the field equipment, petrol cans and other stuff.

In this case you will have to stay in tents and endure various inconveniences – absence of hot water, the cold, permanent humidity, etc. By the way, the tents will not protect you from bears that are in abundance there.

So why bear the inconveniences, which we are not used to?

Our crew invites everybody willing to undertake an amazing trip across the Okhotskoe Sea towards the Shantarskie Islands onboard a comfortable sailing motor catamaran “Odissey”, equipped with everything necessary for long-distance travel.

A few words about the catamaran.

Year of built – 2015. Material – fiberglass composition material. Place of built – Russia, Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Shipbuilding yard “Water World”. Length – 12.5 meters. Width – 6.7 m. Draft – 0.8 m. Two diesel engines 42 h/p each. Sail working area 96 sq.m. Cruising speed 8 knots, maximum 15 knots. There are 4 double cozy cabins at our guests’ disposal (all of them equipped with heaters), a shower room with a toilet (equipped with boilers to heat water), a spacious saloon with a nice sofa, a stereo system and a TV, and a dining zone on the deck. There’s also a fully-equipped kitchen cook-house with a dish-washer where you can cook yourself or use our catering service. We also provide one RIB for 6 persons, one inflatable motor-boat  for 6 persons and two sea kayaks. Travelling with us you can be free with your preferences and enjoy wonderful fishing, watching the wild nature, big orcas, belugas and peaceful staying onboard. We can also teach everybody willing to try the basics of sailing.

Our crew consists of experienced sailors and hunters. The captain first visited the Shantarskie Islands at the age of 15 and was then a member of the crew and kept watch.

The Shantarskie Islands are a group of islands on the outskirts of the Okhotskoe Sea. The Shantarsky Archipelago includes 15 major islands, a lot of smaller islands, rocks and kekurs. The climate here is even more severe than in the very north of the Okhotskoe sea. The local tides are rather impressive reaching 5-8 meters high with the current speed up to 8 knots. The limited accessibility of the islands provided to saving their primary nature. Here are the feeding sites of whales, seals, orcas, numerous birdy spots and bears wandering and searching for food.


Fishing on the islands will leave no true fisherman indifferent. The island rivers are full of chars, redfins, brown trouts, humpback salmons, bull-trouts and lenoks, to say nothing of the abundance of mushrooms and berries – there are plenty of them here. The shores of the islands are a specific open-air geology museum. There are numerous rocks everywhere of all imaginable colours: red, green, pink, white that correspond to the exposure of jasper, marble, malachite and other kinds of rock. The virgin landscapes of the islands strike your imagination by their beauty. In summer dozens of waterfalls cascade from steep rocks. Rivers and lakes are also unique in their beauty. In the past the Shantarskie Islands were habited – there lived whale fishermen. Nowadays there are no one except workers of the weather station and the National park.


The Shantarskie Islands are a true paradise for photographers. The objects of photography are the amazing northern nature and wild animals that have never been hunted. Here you can take pictures of bears from a very short distance.

Dates of the tour:

The trip is possible from mid-July until September 20th, departing from Khabarovsk.

July 10th – July 19th – RESERVED

July 20th – July 29th

July 30th – August 8th

August 9th – August 18th

August 19th – August 28th

August 29th – September 7th

The tour dates can be shifted due to weather conditions. Duration of the tour – 10 days +1 day reserved in case of bad weather or emergency. Starting and finishing the voyage from Nikolaevsk-on-Amur.

Approximate travel route:

1st day – transfer from Khabarovsk to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, calling at a supermarket to buy foodstuffs and elite alcohol. Then on speedboats, we head to Petrovskaya Kosa and the Bay of Happiness where the catamaran and the crew will be waiting for us. (60 miles) Meeting the crew, safety instructions. Weather permitting we start the voyage.

2nd day – the start of the voyage along the coast towards the Shantarskie Islans (90 miles)


On this day early in the morning we can admire the island of Reineke and Alexander kekur, at the Alexandra Bay we will enter the Daptu creek which runs out of Muhtel Lake.

This place is a true oasis and paradise for fishermen – rest, fishing, sightseeing and staying overnight on the lake.

3rd day. Travelling up to the north-eastern part of the island Big Shantar (70 miles). On the way we will see Prokofiev Island, in the Pankov Bay we will enter Lake Bolshoe, meet the workers of the National Park who will instruct you on the rules of staying in the park area. Fishing and rest.

4th day. Fishing on the lake, travelling along the coast on RIBs, sightseeing, visiting a chapel, probably a short hiking tour on Prokofiev Island.

5th day.(50 miles) Continuing our voyage on this day we will go round Bolshoy Shantar from the north going as close to the shore as possible allowing you to watch the local wild nature landscapes and arrive at the place of our next staging post on Feklistov island in Lebyazhia Bay. In the evening – fishing in the Medvezhia river, sea fishing from the catamaran.

6th day. Hiking tour on the Arch Cape, photosession.


Then a short passing towards the southern part of the island Bolshoy Shantar. On the way we will see the islands Utichiy, Ptichiy,

will pass near Cape Raduzhny where there is a jasper rock exposure. We will stay for rest in Yashkin Bay next to the weather station. In the evening – fishing in the river Amuka, sauna, meeting the workers of the weather station, rest.

7th day. We will watch the ruins of the whalefishing plant, travel on the RIBs along the coast, take the tastiest water from the waterfall, go fishing in the river Bolshoy Anaur. In the evening we will return to the catamaran for rest.

8th day. In the morning we will head back to Vrangel Cape, watching the islands Belichiy and Maly Shantar on the way.

In the Dangerous and Lindkolm Gulfs we will surely see whales and orcas.

9th day. We will go through up to Chkalov Island visiting the site of the first base of Nevelskoy on the Petrovskaya Kosa.

10th day. We arrive on speed boats in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur (60 miles). In the evening – transfer Nikolaevsk-on-Amur – Khabarovsk.

The route might be corrected according to the wish of tourists.

Cost of tour – 150 000 roubles, which includes using all equipment and inventory onboard the yacht, guidance and catering services, entrance fee to the National park. Couples can take a child free of charge on condition he/she will stay with you in the same cabin. In case of full rent of the yacht, the route and date of the tour can be changed.

Best regards,

Odissey crew.


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