Again the Shantars

It is a journey that can change your life. Many do not even know where the Shantar Islands are, but after the trip they are convinced that Russia has many more incredible places in beauty, where the human foot has hardly walked.

Journey to the Shantars

Have you ever seen a whale? And bears, foxes or ermines? In the most east of Russia in the Sea of Okhotsk is located one of the most picturesque archipelago of the country. Shantar Islands – a place where there is a force of 100 people a year. Want to see these places with your own eyes?

Paradise for photographers

The Shantar Islands are not only the pearl of Okhotsk Sea, but also incredibly interesting for tourists and travelers from all over the world. Shantar Archipelago is located far from populated areas.

Landscapes of the islands are amazing with their beauty. Summer here, though short, but very turbulent. Dozens of waterfalls are overthrown from steep Shantar shores. Unrepeatable rivers and lakes. The largest of which is Lake Bolshoy with a river flowing into it.

The geology of the islands is also interesting. The beaches are a real geological museum in the open air. In many places you can see the rocks painted in a variety of colors – pink, red, green, white. These are exits to the surface of jasper, marble and other rocks.


The Beauty Of The Okhotsk Sea

The Shantar Islands are not only the pearl of the Okhotsk sea, but also incredibly interesting for tourists and travelers from all over the world. The Shantar Archipelago is located far from settlements.

Landscapes of the Islands are striking in their beauty. Summer is here, though short, but very violent. Dozens of waterfalls plunge from steep shores of the Shantar. Unique rivers and lakes. The largest of which is lake with a Large influent river.

Interesting Geology of the Islands. The shores represent a real geological Museum under the open sky. In many places you can see the rock painted in various colors – pink, red, green, white. It exits to the surface of Jasper, marble and other rocks.

Primeval nature

The peculiarity of this place is that during the ice age, when most of the globe was covered with ice shell, in the far East, the Sikhote-Alin mountain ridge, left area, where land, sea, and with them the ancient plants preserved unchanged until the present time. One such plant is a brown seaweed “Kelp Angustata”, which grows only in the sea of Okhotsk offshore area of the Shantar Islands.

This explains the fact that the Shantary preserved pristine nature and wildlife.

Only 1.5-2 months the island free of ice. Back in July, there are floating icebergs, and in the second half of September it can snow. And all this despite the fact that the Islands are located at latitude of Moscow!

The Islands are covered with coniferous forest and grass. Flowing down from the mountains many rivers and streams, forming the hundreds of waterfalls ranging in height from 10 to 100 meters.


The Island Of Great Shantar

The Large Shantar island, has an area of 1790 square kilometers. On the map it looks almost like a square with a side of about 45 kilometers. There are three main ridge, adjacent to each other so that there is the Latin letter N.
Stretching from North-West to South-East of Central ridge is the watershed of the largest river systems of the island. In General, most of the island is occupied by mountains, and in the North-Eastern part is a vast plain with a large lake, Largest (Salt).
The island is quite big, so when you find yourself away from the beach, there is no feeling that you are in the middle of the sea – the taiga, cedar, Marie and swamps, small rivers with peat water. But from the sea, these gentle hills are cut by vertical cliffs, which in the summer is beating powerful surf, but November to July rubbing the ice.

Shantar Islands

Okhotskiy district
Shantary – a small group of Islands on the edge of the sea of Okhotsk. Differing unique originality, they are the epitome of all the beauties of the Okhotsk sea: wild Tayga and colored rocks; strong tidal currents, with a roar they entered the narrow rocky passages; a six-meter tides and extensive exposed dehydration; persistent fog and wandering the ice, the abundance of bears and a rich marine population of Beluga whales, killer whales, seals…
The Shantar archipelago consists of 15 large Islands, numerous small islets, rocks and Kemerov.
The climate is even harsher than in the North of the Okhotsk sea. This is due to the proximity of the cold regions of Yakutia, as well as a complex system of tidal and wind currents. Very impressive are the local tides, reaching a height of 5-8 m at a flow velocity of up to 8 nodes (Threat in the Straits and North and near the mainland). The Straits at this time resemble a fast flowing noisy river and the hum of tidal water can be heard for several kilometers.
The island is free of ice only 1.5-2 months out of the year. Back in July, here can float the icebergs, and in the second half of September may fall the first snow. Agree, surprising if we take into consideration that Shantary are on the same latitude with Moscow.
The inaccessibility of the Shantar Islands have provided the pristine preservation of their nature. Here feed the flock of whales fatten the fat seals, and lie in wait for their killer whales, countless bird colonies, wandering in search of food bears, etc.
Fishing on the Islands will not leave indifferent any true fisherman. In the rivers of the Islands are found in abundance brook trout, Rudd, conga, pink salmon, Dolly Varden, greenling. And to speak about the abundance of berries and mushrooms. They are here in abundance.
Very interesting Geology of the Islands. Their banks– a kind of geological Museum under the open sky. Everywhere there are rocks painted in the most unimaginable colors: red, green, pink, white, corresponding to the outputs on the surface of Jasper, marble, malachite and other rocks.
In times of global glaciation, when almost the entire surface of the globe was covered by ice, the area in the Sikhote-Alin mountain ridge, including the Shantar Islands, is not covered with ice shell and earth, the sea, ancient plants have survived intact to the present time. This is why only here is found kelp “laminaria Angustata” is endemic
shelf zone of the Shantar Islands.
The virgin landscapes of the Islands amaze you with its beauty. Summer, dozens of waterfalls cascading down the steep cliffs. Also the beauty of rivers and lakes. The largest lake Islands the lake is Large, in which flows Deer.
Once Shantary was inhabited – lived here by the fishermen. Today, in addition to employees of the weather station no one here.
Shantary is a real Paradise for photographers. Objects photos: magnificent Northern nature and not frightened wild animals, absolutely not afraid of man. Here you can easily photograph the bears at close range.