The Island Of Great Shantar

The Large Shantar island, has an area of 1790 square kilometers. On the map it looks almost like a square with a side of about 45 kilometers. There are three main ridge, adjacent to each other so that there is the Latin letter N.
Stretching from North-West to South-East of Central ridge is the watershed of the largest river systems of the island. In General, most of the island is occupied by mountains, and in the North-Eastern part is a vast plain with a large lake, Largest (Salt).
The island is quite big, so when you find yourself away from the beach, there is no feeling that you are in the middle of the sea – the taiga, cedar, Marie and swamps, small rivers with peat water. But from the sea, these gentle hills are cut by vertical cliffs, which in the summer is beating powerful surf, but November to July rubbing the ice.

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